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Kamawatch, designed by Raffaele Petruzzelli, is the first watch with Thermic Technology treatment.

Time to change

We are crazy about watches

We have frozen them, stressed them at high temperatures and tested them in many other crazy ways to be able to invent something new.

Kamawatch Miami

The first watch that changes color

We created the first watch in 2015. From that day on, we continued to evolve, create, experiment and fine tune in an obsessive way.

Thermic Thecnology

A unique watch that’s one-of-a-kind in the world

Kamawatch is the first and only watch in the world with a patented heat treatment technology.




The basic idea arises from the creative mind of Italian designer Raffaele Petruzzelli, who revisits toys from the eighties – small cars that had the ability to change color with temperature – and is inspired to take that concept and apply it to watches.
The evolution and commercial expansion of the Brand comes with the entry of Raffaele Capoferro into the company as partner and co-CEO.

Discover Kamawatch Miami
Change color with temperature
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The Italian designer Raffaele Petruzzelli, driven by his passion for design, moved to Rome and attended the Jewel Design course at the Istituto Europeo di Design, where he later taught from 2003 to 2011. After numerous collaborations with prestigious fashion companies and jewels including Fendi, Morellato, Sector and Zoppini, he moved to Brazil in Rio de Janeiro where he collaborates with the largest and most influential fashion group on the market
Brazilian. In 2014 he took on the role of coordinator at the European Institute of Design in Rio de Janeiro. In 2015 he created his first KAMAWATCH brand with the TERMO TECHNOLOGY treatment.

Raffaele Capoferro, partner and co-CEO of Kamawatch, after graduating in Economics at the University of Rome and a Master in International Marketing in Milan, he moved to New York where he worked as Business Development for the HEARST Publishing Group. In 2001 he went to Miami where for 15 years he held the office of US President for PIANEGONDA, REBECCA and MESSIKA developing the markets of North America, Canada, the Caribbean and South America. In 2015 he fell in love with the KAMAWATCH project and created the partnership with Raffaele Petruzzelli to develop the brand at the Worldwide level.

  • Distributed in 10 countries

    Italy, Mexico, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Spain.

  • More than 30,000 watches each year

    Every year more than 30,000 units are produced, with the scale of production constantly increasing.

  • 350 Stores in Italy

    Kamawatch is distributed in over 350 stores in the jewelery segment throughout the peninsula.

  • 700 Stores Worldwide

    From Latin America to the USA, from Europe to the Middle East, Kamawatch is sold in over 700 stores worldwide.

日本からのお買い物は https://kwatch.jp へお越しくださいませ。

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